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portrait artist based in liverpool, uk

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I produce paintings that are influenced by my everyday surroundings, commenting on the social structures within society. I aim to do this by creating theory-based artwork which focuses on portraiture and the relationship a portrait can have to a viewer.

Studying my master's at The Glasgow School of Art allowed me to develop those skills as a painter and explore the boundaries of art theory within portraiture. Having left the art school in 2017, I felt exhausted, deflated and unmotivated with my artwork. Meaning, I didn't pick up a paint brush for almost two years, until the first lockdown.

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During the first lockdown I began to utilise my skills as a painter and collaborate new ideas, heavily focused upon sports teams across Merseyside. I work full-time as an order manager for BT but I hope one day my passion for painting turns into a full-time possibility. Enjoy my website and if you're interested in everything going on in my life, follow me on instagram!

"An artist is not paid for their labour but for their vision."
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